Christmas 2019 is fast approaching and our light show is ion need of some love. We will see if the show returns this year or if it has to take another holiday!

The display normally runs from 8.30-10.30pm - 7 days a week until December 31st (New Years Eve)!

We are also available on Twitter! Follow us (@HighburyXmas)!

Each year, we bring some Christmas cheer to the neighbourhood through our Christmas Lights display. What makes our display a little special is that most of it is hand built out of materials you find at a garden centre or hardware shop.

The other unique aspect is that it is computer controlled and synchronised to the music! It is a labour of love that takes many months of preparation before each display is mounted. Christmas never really ends in our house as planning for the next year's display begins even before this year's is over!

Our Christmas lights mascot Charlie still helps us erect the lights each year!
Take a look at his story here.

To see what's on offer, take a look at one of the films of past year's displays!

We hope you enjoy our show!

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Grant, Sharon, Amelia and all our friends!